Celebrate Christmas in July with LaunchPad: A Marketer’s Guide for the Mid-year Yuletide Season 

Unwrap the potential of your Christmas campaigns with LaunchPad's customer data insights to maximize your holiday profits.
Christmas Segmentation


It’s hot outside, but don’t let the sunny days fool you; Christmas is coming… in 5 months! If you’re not already planning your festive holiday marketing campaigns for this exciting season, it’s time to unwrap your favorite marketing toolbox, LaunchPad by LiftEngine. Optimize your audience segments and get in the holiday spirit with our Customer Profile Appends, where we append data to your favorite email or automation platform, or our self-serve SaaS platform. 

Let us guide you through some of our exclusive, Christmas-focused segments that will help you craft a winning Christmas marketing strategy, using the extensive data from LaunchPad powered by LiftBase

December Birthday Celebrators

Segment: Identifying customers born in December 

Use Case: Target customers with December birthdays for a double celebration with tailored Christmas offers and promotions, making them feel extra special during this festive season. 

Spouse Birth Month – December

Segment: Identifying customers with a spouse born in December 

Use Case: Encourage customers to treat their spouses to a unique “Christmas/Birthday” surprise for those who share their birth month with the actual Yuletide season. 

December Spenders 

Segment: Categorizing your customers based on their spending history during last year’s December 

Use Case: Reach out to customers who spent significantly during the previous December to encourage a repeat of their festive spending behavior with enticing Christmas deals and promotions. 

Gift Buyers 

Segment: Identifying your customers who purchased gifts during last year’s December 

Use Case: Provide customers who love gifting during Christmas with a curated selection of potential Christmas gifts, tailored to the interests of their loved ones.

Big Winter Season Spenders 

Segment: Hone in on those who purchase in the Winter months. 

Use Case: The Holiday retail rush doesn’t end on the 25th. Consumers are looking to use the gift cards in their stockings and spend the money they received on returning the gifts they were not so keen on. Reach those who make most of their purchases in the Winter months, with you or elsewhere. 

Not sure where to start? With our white-glove Lift-Off Program, you decide the audiences that best meet your business goals and our data scientists will deliver them to you (assembly not required). Don’t wait for winter to embrace the season of giving; we’ll deck your marketing efforts with holly jolly data-driven insights to make your Christmas campaign truly magical. Connect with us today, and let’s bring the joy of the holidays to your customers, no matter the season! 

About LaunchPad

LaunchPad by LiftEngine is an automated customer data management, customer segmentation, and omnichannel marketing platform. We add 500+ fields of addressable data to what you already know about your customers so you can create intelligent target audiences. Boost AOV, Repeat Customer Rate, and decrease churn.

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