Create Next-Level Klaviyo Segments & Automations

We add 25+ demographic, interest, and vertical-specific properties to the profiles in your Klaviyo account. Create intelligent customer segments, automations, and insights.

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We are behind thousands of successful campaigns. Let’s connect and turn your Klaviyo account into a revenue-generating machine!

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Build next-level retention and reactivation campaigns on your existing Klaviyo platform. A LaunchPad Customer Profile Append adds 25+ fields of demographic, interest, and buying behavior data to your customers so you can create advanced segmentation, campaigns, and workflows.

Building a LaunchPad Segment in Klaviyo

See it in action. We add 25+ fields like Gender, Presence of Children, and Marital Status.

High-Quality Data, Endless Possibilities

Super-charge your Klaviyo email or SMS deployments with LaunchPad data.

Send Birthday Campaigns

Collecting customer birthdays is challenging. We can provide birth month on over 90% of your customers so you can send special promotions today.

Build Personal Creative

One-size fits all creative rarely works. Swap out images, copy, and promotions based on gender, age, marital status, household demographics and more.

Targeted Reactivation​

Know which lapsed customers are likely to purchase again so you can focus your efforts and offer your best promotions to win them back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Your Data Come From?
The data comes from LiftBase, our proprietary addressable consumer database that powers almost everything we do. Privacy-compliant and consumer-friendly, this dataset comprises real people, not inaccurate online identifiers collected with opaque tracking. LiftBase is a source of customer intelligence and acquisition for hundreds of brands because of its incredible breadth and quality.
LiftBase has over 1,000 fields in total. We curated over a dozen data packages you can choose from, or we can work together to create something more custom.

We use a simple pricing structure based on the number of total customers you have. For specifics, please fill out a form on this page.

Tailored Data Packages​

Our data scientists put together over a dozen industry-specific data packages that you can choose from, or your can customize your own.

Clients Across All LiftEngine Services

Let's Take Your Klaviyo Campaigns to New Heights

Add 25+ Powerful Demographic, Interest, and Vertical-Specific Fields to your Klaviyo Account.

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