Boost Your Black Friday Sales with 5 Last-Minute Email Segmentation Strategies 

Discover how to optimize your Black Friday email campaigns with our top segmentation strategies. Drive conversions & boost sales with targeted messaging.
Black Friday Email Segmentation


As the urgency of Black Friday looms, it’s crucial not to overlook the power of targeted email segmentation. Delve into our timely tips and last-minute Black Friday email segmentation strategies to turn the tide of your Black Friday sales. Act now to supercharge your email campaign! 

1. Segment by Purchase History 

A rapid-fire tactic to optimize engagement is email segmentation based on purchase history. Deliver hyper-personalized emails to first-time buyers, returning customers, and frequent buyers. Craft targeted promotions that correspond to their past purchases. Remind your customers they are not just a number, but a valued individual. 

2. Segment by Channel Preference 

The very nature of Black Friday and Cyber Monday plays into the brick-and-mortar retailers on Friday, and online buyers on Monday. Streamline your communications by segmenting by channel preference. Push your Cyber Monday sales to those more likely to buy online than in-store. For those who like to buy in-store, give them all the information on where to find your locations or locations of retailers who sell your products.

3. Segment by Product Interest 

Maximize your return on last-minute preparations by segmenting users based on product interest. Utilize browsing and purchase behavior patterns to identify trending products among different customer groups. Pair these insights with tailored email campaigns, stimulating last-minute Black Friday frenzy with eye-catching product deals! 

4. Segment by Households with Children 

Engender a sense of festive cheer by targeting households with children. Enrich your campaign with creatives that resonate with parents, featuring kid-friendly products or enticing gift ideas. Spark anticipation in these households for an unforgettable Black Friday shopping spree. Need this data? We’ve got you covered. 

5. Segment by Discretionary Income 

Are you almost ready to hit ‘send’ on your campaign? Pause and consider the discretionary income of your target audience. Fine-tune your product recommendations, offers, and promotions to match their spending power. Luxury promotions for the bigger spenders, and value deals for the budget-conscious could be the difference that elevates your Black Friday success. 

Bonus: Set Yourself Up for December Holidays

After the dust has settled on BFCM, send a print-on-demand direct mail piece to those who purchased from you with a special offer for the December holidays. It could be an offer for a free gift with a purchase or a discount expiring 12/31. Make sure you keep the momentum going! 


Even as the clock counts down, these last-minute email segmentation strategies can unlock untapped potential in your Black Friday sales. Each minute dedicated to effective segmentation promises a greater customer response and lucrative ROI. Harness these insights, deploy your Black Friday email segmentation campaigns, and watch your Black Friday email sales surge. 

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