Better Marketing Segmentation.

Boost campaign performance with 25+ data fields added to your favorite marketing platform.

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Build next-level retention and reactivation campaigns on your existing email, automation, or marketing platform. A LaunchPad Customer Profile Append adds 25+ fields of demographic, interest, and buying behavior data to your customers on any of these platforms so you can create advanced segmentation, campaigns, and workflows.

High-Quality Data, Endless Possibilities

Super-charge your print-on-demand mail campaigns, customer email or SMS deployments, and digital ads with LaunchPad data.

Send Birthday Campaigns

Collecting customer birthdays is challenging. We can provide birth month on over 90% of your customers, so you can send special promotions today.

Build Personal Creative

One-size-fits-all creative rarely works. Swap out images, copy, and promotions based on gender, age, marital status, household demographics, and more.

Targeted Reactivation​

Know which lapsed customers are likely to purchase again so you can focus your efforts and offer your best promotions to win them back.

Tailored Data Packages​

Our data scientists put together over a dozen industry-specific data packages that you can choose from, or you can customize your own.

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