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Create highly-strategic customer retention and reactivation campaigns to boost revenue and help your acquisition efforts.

LaunchPad is a managed SaaS platform for customer data management, audience segmentation, and omnichannel marketing. It consolidates customer transactions into a marketing database, adds over 500 fields of addressable data, and tracks over 80 KPIs. Best of all, this can be accomplished in days with little to no IT involvement.

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Battle Rising Acquisition Costs With Personalized Retention & Reactivation Campaigns

Customer Acquisition is critical but expensive. Retention is what drives profitability. For most brands, improving retention by just 1% can increase topline revenue by 1-2% and contribution margin by 3-4%. How can LaunchPad help? With LaunchPad, you will understand customers better, track marketing performance, and create intelligent audiences for highly effective retention and reactivation campaigns. LaunchPad will improve your Customer Retention Rate and fuel your profitability.


Combine all customer order records into a clean database.


Fill in data gaps and overlay 500+ fields of addressable data.


Create target audiences through segments & curated PowerPacks.


Deploy audiences to all connected platforms or your vendors.


Learn what makes your customers unique by segmentation.


Unlimited Marketing Audiences. Unlimited Potential.

Improve retention rates by generating personalized campaign segments not available elsewhere. Unlike digital signal-based platforms that rely on cookies or footprints, LaunchPad solely utilizes data traced to an individual with a verifiable postal address. This approach optimizes audience targeting, boosts campaign consistency, and enhances attribution accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LaunchPad is a flat monthly rate based on the number of unique customers in the LaunchPad system. Considering the R.O.I. capabilities, LaunchPad is not an expense but an investment in a profitable revenue generator.
LaunchPad accommodates customer orders from all your sources, including e-commerce platforms, P.O.S. systems, and other fulfillment programs. While there is direct integration with Shopify, LaunchPad works with any platform via our Universal File Import.
Yes! With our Lift-Off Program, our LaunchPad success team will create & deliver marketing audiences automatically. Please contact us for more.
There are no variable charges. The weekly database update, KPI reporting, unlimited use of LiftBase data, up to ten users, and unlimited data exports are included in the flat, monthly rate.

Acquisition Add-On

Alongside unlimited customer segmentation capabilities, you can incorporate acquisition audiences from LiftBase, our exclusive database featuring over 250 million US consumers. You’ll have access to the same demographic, buying behavior, and interest data elements used for your customers. Additionally, we provide carefully curated lists of New Movers, Newly Engaged Couples, and Expecting Parents, enabling you to target individuals during crucial life stages when they are most likely to make purchases.

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