5 Ways to Segment Your Audience This Mother’s Day 

Don't know how to reach out to mothers this Mother's Day? Check out our five ways to segment your audience for better results.
Mother's Day Segmentation


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and you know what that means, gifting! Last year, an estimated $35.7 billion was planned to be spent on Mother’s Day gifts and experiences; with greeting cards, flowers, and special outings as the top three categories. Don’t worry – you don’t need to sell any of those to have a successful Mother’s Day marketing campaign. The key is to tailor your message specifically for each audience segment you have, instead of sending one message out to everyone. This will not only help you stand out from the competition, but it will also increase the ROI of your Mother’s Day campaign. Check out our blog post for five ways to start segmenting your Mother’s Day audience today! 

1) Reach Last Year’s Mother’s Day Shoppers for Maximum Reactivation Effectiveness 

It is hardly a secret that keeping your existing users is much more cost-effective than finding and converting new leads. It is even easier to reactivate customers when you know they purchased last Mother’s Day. For the most accurate and precise targeting, aim to reach those customers who purchased from you between  April 9th, 2023 (Easter Sunday or whenever your Mother’s Day marketing began) to May 14th, 2023 (the date of last year’s holiday). By doing this, you can start to build an audience of last year’s gift buyers. 

If you used a discount code specific to Mother’s Day or released limited-time products or bundles, use those factors in your audience segmentation strategy. If the campaign was successful the gift-givers know you are a good source to make their partner happy, so they’ll likely buy again. 

Leverage the successful strategies from last year’s Mother’s Day campaign, such as discount codes and limited-time product or bundle offerings, in this year’s audience segmentation plan. By offering products that made your customer’s partner happy on Mother’s Day, you are demonstrating to gift-givers that you can be a dependable source for future purchases! 

To boost ROI and profitability even more, give those who haven’t bought in the last 12 months a better deal or discount than those who purchased most often. 

2) Maximize Your ROI with Personalized Gift Guides 

Reach out to your active male customers (purchased in the last 12 months) with a gift guide and encourage them to share it with their spouses. To maximize your ROI, create a personalized gift guide towards various buyer personas by segmenting and targeting based on previous purchases. If you sell any products geared toward children, use that data to help deduce households that have mother’s in it. 

If you don’t believe you have the data you need, consider using LaunchPad to directly advertise to their spouse! With this strategy, you can be sure that every dollar spent will bring maximum returns on investment.  

After targeting those who have made a purchase within the past year, hone in on households with married couples and children under 18 or two persons of unknown marital status. Don’t forget to include single female householders with kids too! Make sure your content reflects what you’ve segmented from your target audience for optimal results. 

Onboard the resulting list to Facebook and Instagram or drop a direct mail piece with the partner’s name on it. The creative should be centered around gift giving.

3) Harnessing the Power of Multi-Generational Household Segmentation 

Knowing that there are often multiple generations living beneath the same roof is a great opportunity for marketing. From targeting specific products and events to crafting personalized gift guides, you can reach all age groups of mothers and children with one comprehensive strategy. The most essential step in this process is understanding which generation will be most likely to purchase your product or service – once you have identified this demographic, it’ll be much easier to make decisions regarding selection! To ensure success, it is vital to target the correct demographic. For instance, if you are a subscription company, millennials and Gen Z will be more likely to gift a subscription than baby boomers. To maximize your chances of conversion, focus on households that contain one or both generations. Here are some multi-generational household selects: 

Two-Generation Household 

Two-generation households consist of parent(s) and child(ren). However, this also includes parents moving in with adult children. This option provides all age ranges, select an age range specific to your buyer persona or use our tip #4.  

Three-Generation Household 

The most common multigenerational household arrangement consists of three generations – typically one or more working-age adults, their children, and either aging parent(s) or grandchildren. A creative with multiple generations will definitely catch your customer’s attention.  

Four-Generation Household 

Multi-generational households – including parents, grandparents, adult children, great-grandparents, and their kids – are becoming increasingly popular. When marketing to these four or five-generation homes it is important to take into account the cost of your product/service as they typically have much less disposable income than other households. Fortunately, with LaunchPad you can easily target customers based on Household Discretionary Spending Income so you know exactly who will be able to purchase your goods. 

4) Reach Married Households with Children This Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is an ideal time for families to honor the important mother figure in their lives. As a business, you can capitalize on this opportunity by offering applicable products and services tailored specifically to moms with children. Utilize LaunchPad’s Marital Status field and any of the Presence of Children fields (grouped by age or the number of children) when crafting your audience – it’ll be well worth your while! A gift guide featuring kids giving Mom one of your products would make for a delightful Mother’s Day creative. 

5) Celebrating All Motherly Figures on Mother’s Day  

On Mother’s Day, it isn’t just biological mothers who are celebrated. We must also recognize and embrace Mothers-In-Law, Step Mothers, Grandmothers, sisters, wives, and all of the wonderful motherly figures in our lives. As marketers, we need to be mindful not only of those whom we seek to reach but how best to target them with an appropriate message for optimal utilization of marketing resources and ROI. 

With over 500 data elements paired with your customer information, LaunchPad provides you the capacity to focus on a specific market of mothers who have particular interests. To begin, select one motherly figure and their hobbies or activities. When formulating creative campaigns, it’s important to integrate images and tools that are associated with their likes, making sure they feel valued. Here are some mothers to think of: 

Pet Mothers:  

Consumer behavior Pet Owner and/or Pets Are Family 

Work Mothers:  

Utilize Occupation selects under Household Demographics. You can further segment to specific interests.  

Fitness Mothers:  

Those with a high propensity to have Home Gyms or Healthy Eating habits based on past purchases 

Eco-Friendly Mothers:  

Consumer behavior environmental donors and/or environmentally focused household.

The Benefits of Using Segmentation for Your Mother’s Day Campaign

Segmentation can be invaluable when planning a marketing campaign for the Mother’s Day season. By properly segmenting your customer base, you’ll be able to develop a strategy for success that appeals to that specific audience and ultimately drives more sales. Additionally, segmentation allows you to tweak your approach as measurement results come in or interpret new data, which isn’t typically possible with broader targeting approaches. In summary, using segmentation during the Mother’s Day season has multiple benefits and should be considered when creating your action plan.

Unlock the Power of Your Data this Mother’s Day  

Not sure where to start or need the data to make these strategies possible? LaunchPad can help. Let us help you make the most of this Mother’s Day season (or start planning for a future retail holiday). Request a DEMO! 

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