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Discover industry-specific Customer Profile Append Data Packages to Enhance marketing and increase customer retention.

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Beauty & Personal Care

Craft targeted campaigns using data such as birth months and buying propensities for cosmetics and fragrances to enhance customer engagement and spending.


Craft personalized campaigns leveraging data such as cruise interests, Airbnb/VRBO users, and international or domestic travel preferences.

Data Packages

Children's Apparel & Merchandise

Develop tailored campaigns by leveraging insights on the number of children, discretionary income, and school-aged segments.

Designer & High-End Fashion

Design bespoke campaigns, incorporating data such as high-end shopper tendencies,  discretionary income levels, and channel preference.

Family Apparel & Merchandise​

Formulate targeted campaigns leveraging data on the presence and number of children, household composition, and clothing service subscriptions. 

Garden, Backyard, & DIY

Create custom campaigns related to products using data points like DIY hobbyists, gardening enthusiasts, and Home Improvement credit card holders.

General Merchandise & Gifting


Healthy Living & Fitness


Home Furnishing & Decor

Design specialized campaigns that tap into key data, such as spending habits, high-end home furnishing purchasers, and interest in interior decorating books.



Kitchen & Bath

Develop tailored campaigns using data such as interest in cookbooks, tendencies to upgrade appliances, and cooking hobbies.

Men's Apparel

Construct customized campaigns taking into account data such as age, high-end shopper habits, and clothing service subscriptions.

Sports & Outdoors

Develop bespoke campaigns by incorporating data such as camping & hiking enthusiasts, hunting aficionados, and fantasy sports fans.

Women's & Men's Apparel

Create unique campaigns utilizing data such as high-end shoppers, clothing service subscribers, and individuals with discretionary income.

Women's Apparel

Formulate bespoke campaigns using data insights from segments such as age, discretionary income, and propensity on spending.

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