Become a Partner

Strengthen relationships with your clients, grow their businesses, and receive a share in LaunchPad’s success.

By setting your clients up on LaunchPad, your clients can access our platform’s automated customer data management, unlimited licensed data use, audience segmentation, and omnichannel deployment capabilities. Your clients will also be able to select highly responsive prospect audiences, deduped from their customer file.

As a LaunchPad partner, there are numerous benefits you’ll receive too.

Better Serve Your Clients

LaunchPad helps you better understand your clients' customers. This more profound knowledge allows clients to create better-performing prospecting, retention, and reactivation audiences for use in offline and online campaigns.

Complete Partner Support

Our Success Team is always a call away. From the initial sales pitch to new user training, platform best practices and new segmentation strategies, we provide end-to-end support for our partners.

Become More Sticky

Once your clients can access all the consumer data LaunchPad offers for a flat monthly fee, it's hard to leave that behind. Be their hero!

Revenue Share

For each client onboarded to LaunchPad, we share a percentage of the revenue with you. Benefit from a new revenue stream without any development time or expense.

About LaunchPad

LaunchPad is owned and operated by LiftEngine, a direct marketing and customer data marketing agency. Not only do we work with some of the largest brands, but we also work with dozens of strategic partners. We know the challenges you face in building and maintaining relationships with your clients and ultimately delivering success. We designed LaunchPad with partners top of mind.

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