Building High-Performing Marketing Audiences for Valentine’s Day  

Want to know how to create a successful Valentine's Day marketing campaign? Check out these tips for some inspiration!
Valentine's Day Segmentation


Last year, over $23.9 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences, making it one of the most significant retail holidays. There will be high competition for consumer dollars, so to create a successful campaign for this holiday, you must first identify your primary target audiences and tailor your creative, messaging, and promotions accordingly. Here are some marketing audience ideas to give you a leg up.

1) Last Year’s Valentine’s Day Buyers

The best place to start is to re-engage with customers who purchased last year by targeting those who placed orders between January 14th and February 14th. If you used a discount code specific to the retail holiday or released limited-time products or bundles, use these factors in your audience segmentation logic.

Why? If your product was a hit last year, gift-givers know you are a good source to make their partner happy, so they’ll likely buy again.

To boost ROI and profitability even more, give those who haven’t bought in the last 12 months a better deal or discount than those who purchased most often.

2) Create a Not-so-Subtle Gift Guide for Spouses

Reach out to your active customers with a gift guide, and encourage them to share it with their spouse. Better yet, you can use LaunchPad to advertise to their spouses directly. Once you have identified those who purchased in the last 12 months, select married customers (LaunchPad element Marital Status = Married) and output the name of the spouses.

Onboard the resulting list to Facebook and Instagram or drop a direct mail piece with the partner’s name on it. The creative should be centered around gift giving.

3) Married Households with Children

Valentine’s Day can be a much-needed day for couples with children to focus on each other. Use this household dynamic as an opportunity to advertise specific products and experiences. If you don’t offer anything applicable, at the very least, tailor your creative to feature families.

In LaunchPad, use the Marital Status and any of the Presence of Children fields to help build this audience.

4) Singles Awareness (or Appreciation) Day

This February 15th, treat your single customers to a Singles Awareness (or Appreciation) Day promotion! Segment the past 12 months of your customers based on their relationship status (LaunchPad element Marital Status = Single) and provide special discounts or offers.

You can further segment the audience by income or net worth for larger ticket items. Come up with creative ads that emphasize “Treat Yourself” in celebration of Singles Awareness Day – make them feel appreciated and encourage them to splurge this one day out of the year!

What is audience segmentation, and why is it essential for businesses during Valentine’s Day season?

Segmentation is the process of dividing up a large customer base into smaller, more targeted subsets based on specific characteristics. By breaking customers into smaller groups, you can reduce wasted marketing dollars reaching those not ideal for a particular campaign while tailoring messaging and promotions more accurately.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, segmenting your customer base becomes even more critical in order to maximize profitability and improve Valentine’s Day’s success.

The benefits of using segmentation during the Valentine’s Day season.

Segmentation can be invaluable when planning a marketing campaign for the Valentine’s Day season. By properly segmenting your customer base, you’ll be able to develop a strategy for success that appeals to that specific audience and ultimately drives more sales. Additionally, segmentation allows you to tweak your approach as measurement results come in or interpret new data, which isn’t typically possible with broader targeting approaches. In summary, using segmentation during the Valentine’s Day season has multiple benefits and should be considered when creating your action plan.

Don’t be held back, get the data you need.

Not sure where to start or need the data to make these strategies possible? LaunchPad can help. Contact us today, and let us help you make the most of this Valentine’s Day season (or start planning for a future retail holiday)! Request a DEMO!

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