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Craft personalized campaigns leveraging data such as cruise interests, Airbnb/VRBO users, and international or domestic travel preferences.

Elements & Strategies

There are 25+ elements in this package. Here are some notable fields and strategies. Request the entire data dictionary using the form on this page.


No one trip is best for every age group. When putting together an email or automation, ensure that you’re making the best recommendations based on the age of each customer. Furthermore, boost engagement using images/models closely resembling each customer’s age. To get started, we recommend creating three age-related segments: 18-34, 35-54, and 55+.

Birth Month

A few months before a customer’s birthday, send a direct mail piece with a promotion to book a trip to celebrate their big day. Bonus: Combine with Age to help determine milestone birthdays worth celebrating even more. We can add the birth month to 90% of your customers, so if you are not collecting birthdays today, no problem.


If you have trips or offers catering to a specific gender, use this field to help create appropriate segments.

Discretionary Income

Promote high-end trips and destinations to those with a high discretionary income to keep response rates strong. Conversely, promote more budget-friendly options to those with less money or give them discounts to move the needle.

Domestic Travel Interest

One of a series of specific travel interests, this field indicates if the household enjoys staying in the US when traveling. Send them appropriate trip recommendations and offers.

Related Fields: International Travel Interest

Vacation Spender

These households typically spend big when they travel, so they are perfect for high-end hotels, first-class airline tickets, or, if they have kids, great candidates for trips to Florida’s children-focused theme parks.

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