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Beauty & Personal Care


Craft targeted campaigns using data such as birth months and buying propensities for cosmetics and fragrances to enhance customer engagement and spending.

Elements & Strategies

There are 25+ elements in this package. Here are some notable fields and strategies. Request the entire data dictionary using the form on this page.


When putting together an email or automation, ensure that you’re making the best recommendations based on the age of each customer. Furthermore, boost engagement using images/models closely resembling each customer’s age. To get started, we recommend creating three age-related segments: 18-34, 35-54, and 55+.

Birth Month

Ahead of each month, send a direct mail piece to those with an upcoming birthday, a promotion to celebrate their big day, and follow up with an email to encourage redemption towards the end of the month. We can add the birth month to 90% of your customers, so if you are not collecting birthdays today, no problem.


If you have products that cater to those who identify as one gender, use this field to help create appropriate segments.

Discretionary Income

Promote high-end products to those with a high discretionary income to keep response rates strong. Conversely, promote more budget-friendly options to those with less money or give them discounts to move the needle.

Likely Women's Cosmetic Purchaser

Reach those most likely to be a cosmetic purchaser. This field is great if you are introducing a new line of products or want to cross-sell intelligently.

Related Field: Likely Men's Cosmetic Purchasers

Price Motivated Personal Care Product User

These individuals are strong buyers when there is a discount. If you need to move inventory, ensure you reach these individuals by email, direct mail, and social media.

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