Segment Your Audience by New Year Resolutions to Achieve Success 

Want to create successful marketing campaigns? Start by targeting customers based on their New Year resolutions. Check out these tips for inspiration!
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The start of a new year is always an exciting time. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and set new goals for the year ahead. For marketers, on top of setting their own goals for the new year, they can tap into that spirit for their marketing campaigns and segmentation. By understanding what your customers are hoping to achieve in the new year, you can create targeted campaigns that will help them reach their goals – and boost your bottom line in the process. 

Here are a handful of ideas on how to create marketing audiences geared to New Year resolutions. 

Healthier Lifestyle / Weight Loss 

Always a popular resolution, what products do you offer that can help in a customer’s journey to weight loss or an overall healthier lifestyle. Focusing on this slice of your customer base allows you to craft messages and promotional offers tailored specifically for them, giving them the incentive to buy items that line up with their goals. 

Analyzing purchase data or leveraging surveys are both excellent starting points for understanding who is partaking in this resolution and how best to help them. Having the right messaging and incentives ready when they need it could be the extra nudge needed to complete the sale! 

Using LaunchPad, build this audience using a combination of your order data and the 500+ data elements provided to you. You can start by selecting those who have purchased in specific health categories. Some elements we recommend are: 

When it comes to the creative aspect of your campaigns, it’s important to use imagery and tools which are associated with fitness and health, such as pictures of people outdoors engaging in activities or physical challenges. We must always remember that when creating a campaign related to fitness, it should come from an encouraging and positive angle – nothing too aggressive or overbearing. 

Financial Health 

Physical health isn’t the only popular resolution, financial health, security, and planning is another big resolution. Take advantage of this by reaching your customer base while they are budgeting and attempting to save money in the new year. By understanding your consumers’ buying habits, values, and preferences, marketers can create messages tailored to those specific needs.  

Using LaunchPad, you can reach individuals who are taking care of their own finances, such as those striving towards financial goals or attempting to save, or budget, rather than just targeting wealthy consumers. Some elements we recommend are: 

In addition, by harnessing the power of life stage data, you can divide your audience into specific generations that are more receptive to your services or products. Younger adults, who may have New Year’s Resolutions at this time of year, are especially likely to be interested.

Your Business Resolutions

Now is when you can take measurable steps toward achieving your goals, with resolutions that will make your business stronger in 2023. Our clients’ goals seem to be around maximizing profitability in four key areas: 

  1. Improve retention/reduce customer churn  
  2. Increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of each sale  
  3. Increase customer Lifetime Value (LTV)  
  4. Attract new customers faster at a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA) 

LiftEngine President and Co-Founder, Keith Huntoon, discusses in depth on how to keep your business strong in uncertain times in his blog series. Click here to read the first entry.

Meet Your ROI Resolutions with LaunchPad ASAP 

It is essential to set realistic and attainable goals in order to stay encouraged along the journey. Documenting strategies similar to those listed above will assist your business in reducing costs while increasing ROI on marketing campaigns. However, you need accurate data and sufficient time for this purpose – that’s where LaunchPad enters with its vast amounts of data! Contact us now so we can discuss how our services can help make your 2024 successful.

Building on these strategies, our collaboration with Klaviyo adds another dimension to our services. This partnership allows us to bring advanced customer data platform migration, acquisition, and Customer Profile Appends to your doorstep with LaunchPad. Such integration significantly boosts the personalization and efficiency of your marketing campaigns, helping you achieve even greater success in 2024. Let’s explore how these expanded offerings can align with your business objectives and drive impactful results.

About LaunchPad

LaunchPad by LiftEngine is an automated customer data management, customer segmentation, and omnichannel marketing platform. We add 500+ fields of addressable data to what you already know about your customers so you can create intelligent target audiences. Boost AOV, Repeat Customer Rate, and decrease churn.

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