Customer Tagging

What is Customer Tagging?

Customer Tagging is the process of importing additional data for the customers inside your existing e-commerce, email, CRM, or marketing automation platform. LaunchPad Customer Tagging provides up to 25+ demographic, interest, and buying behavior fields from LiftBase, our proprietary addressable consumer database.

For example, we can add 25+ demographic, interest, and buying behavior fields to your customer profiles inside Klaviyo for segmentation, workflows, and reporting.

Customer Tagging provides similar benefits to a Data Append without the technical challenges and IT involvement.

Importance of Customer Tagging

There are several reasons why you should be using our Customer Tagging integrations inside your existing platforms: 

  • Improved Segmentation: With the data we provide, you can divide your marketing lists into smaller segments based on various factors like interests, behavior, or demographics, making your direct mail, emails, or SMS messages more relevant and engaging. 
  • Personalized Messaging: Marketers can leverage the data to send highly personalized messages, increasing engagement and conversion rates. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With more tailored and targeted communications, you improve the overall customer experience, resulting in better relationships and loyalty. 

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